Welcome To Mahalaxmi Mobiles

Today we live in the Global Village, a world where everyone can call it a home & where the possibilities are limitless and communications made it even more closer. In a marginalized country like Nepal, where good resources, upright choices, and decent quality are extremely limited, fundamental human need such as basic communication gadgets are seemed like a luxury. This bitter truth was the driving force behind the establishment of Mahalaxmi mobiles Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2017 A.D., Mahalaxmi mobiles Pvt Ltd - Official National Distributor of itel and TECNO mobiles brand with the motive of delivering the best quality mobile phones across the country. The company has always stayed true to its 3 pillars; Service Excellence, Standard and Quality Mobile Phones and Customer Satisfaction. Our vision was clear and simple – To provide all range of quality mobile phones understanding the customers' budget. We always strived to become an organization of value – and we are proud to say that we’ve done it. The success we’ve achieved along the way is just the reflection of it.

It is my pride and pleasure to introduce you to Mahalaxmi mobiles Pvt. Ltd., as a pioneer company in Mobile Industry Operating Since 2017 A.D. with commitment of highest standards products like itel and Tecno mobiles brands and the services across the country. Quality benchmarks of the products are amongst the best in the world. We are receptive to the needs of our trader partners and customers and believe in building long-term partnerships with them. I appreciate my colleagues' dedication and commitment and thankful to all the family, friends, well-wishers, trade partners, customers for their support over the years and expect same in future.

Prakash Bahadur Swar

Mahalaxmi Mobiles Pvt. Ltd.

Santosh Bhandari

Chief Executive Officer
Mahalaxmi Mobiles Pvt. Ltd.

Since 2017, Mahalaxmi Mobiles Pvt Ltd has been delivering the best quality phones with best price across the country. While Running the business, I realised that if we truely put our best effort for customers satisfaction we could step forward following the customers success" We grow together with our clients"